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Animal Chiropractic at
Nampa Orthospinology Chiropractic Clinic

Girl hugging her dogWhen Dr. Erena first realized what chiropractic could do for people, she thought, “Why wouldn’t it do the same for animals?” As it turns out, your four-legged friends can benefit from chiropractic just like you can.

Did you know that to even be able to take a course on animal chiropractic you must be a veterinarian or a chiropractor? After finishing chiropractic school, Dr. Erena Lanza attended Options For Animals College of Animal Chiropractic for their 6 month program. During this time she completed rigorous testing and worked on over 100 animals. After passing all of her examinations to graduate from the school she was able to take her certification exam through the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association (IVCA). Options for Animals is the only school in the United States that is approved by the IVCA. Dr. Erena proudly holds her IVCA certification.

If you would like to have your dog, cat or horse seen by Dr. Erena please print out this form and have it signed by your vet before your animal’s first chiropractic appointment.

House Calls

You won’t have to worry about bringing your pet to the office. Instead, Dr. Erena will come to your home or barn. You can have your cat, dog or horse adjusted.

Call Today

You know your pet better than anyone. If you think they need the assistance of a chiropractor, contact our office now!

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